Where can I purchase? 

BELTBOX is for sale through our website and Amazon.com USA/Japan. You can also purchase it in person at the Juilliard School store in New York City!


Can I use BELTBOX hands-free?

Yes, it includes a removable strap to use BELTBOX hands-free!


How much does it weigh?

It weighs about 8 oz.

Can I use it for snoring?

While BELTBOX does dampen sound coming from the nose and mouth, for safety reasons we cannot recommend it be used while sleeping.

Will I be able to hear myself while using it? 

Yes! BELTBOX is designed to be dense enough to block the majority of your sound but still allow you to hear what notes you are singing. It reduces your sound by up to 30 dB to others but reflects sound back into your head where you can also hear through bone conduction!


What is included?

In addition to your BELTBOX, you get a cloth carrying bag and strap for hands-free use.


Is BELTBOX waterproof?

Yes! It is waterproof for easy cleaning and for warming up in the shower!


How do I clean it?

Simply rinse it in the sink with warm water and antibacterial soap. DO NOT use harsh cleaners like rubbing alcohol.


Does it contain latex?

The outer layer is a silicone rubber and the inner layer is a high grade polyurethane foam. There is a chance of cross contamination on our manufacturing equipment, therefore we would not recommend this product for those with latex allergies.


Does it have a microphone for recording?

No, it is a non-electronic device. You can insert a lavalier microphone but with the sound waves being trapped in the mask, it can be hard to get clean levels without advanced hardware and software. It does act as a sound isolation shield to prevent sound bouncing back to the microphone! You can also feed an iphone microphone into the cavity for discrete conversations by putting the microphone between the red and black layer!